Holmdahl, L.: Visual Management in Lean Product Development, 2013, ISBN 978- 91-979196-1-6

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Ottosson, S., Björk, E., Holmdahl, L. and Vajna, S.: Research approaches on Product Development Processes, Design 2006 (9th International Design Conference, 15-18 May 2006, Dubrovnik, Croatia)          download

Holmdahl, L.: Complexity Aspects of Product Development, PhD Thesis, Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, 2006, Germany download

Ottosson, S. and
Holmdahl, L.: Web Based Virtual Reality, Journal of Engineering Design,  special VR edition, September 2006, vol 17, no 5  download

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Holmdahl, L.: The Profiled Cylindrical Slideway, Load Capacity and Design, Chalmers University of Technology, Division of Machine Elements, Report no. 1985-05-15. The original report have been edited so as to reduce the size:  download report 

This is a collection of publications that all, hopefully, will be made available for downloading.
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Free book: Ottosson, S. (2006): Handbook in Innovation Management, 183 pp (1.7Mbyte), download
This modern textbook by Professor Stig Ottosson is made available free of charge, because Professor Ottosson would like to see these important ideas widely spread in Industry and Academia.